Bridal Fashion for a 2020 Summer Wedding in Kefalonia

Like buying a wedding dress doesn’t seem daunting enough, finding that perfect dress that makes you feel the most beautiful you ever felt while at the same time make you shed a few tears when you first wear it can be difficult to find. Now add to the mix having a destination wedding in Kefalonia where you need to take into consideration the hot summers as well as the logistics of packing and carrying your wedding dress. As if you don’t already have enough on your plate!

Bridal fashion and your choice of a wedding gown should really depend on the place where your wedding reception will take place and the month.  Below are a few ideas to help your search for the most ideal wedding gown for your destination wedding:

In what month will you ideally be getting married?

Firstly, what month you will be saying your “I Do’s” is vital. If you are getting married in Kefalonia in May, June or September, the days will be hot but most likely not uncomfortable, while the evenings will be cooler. However, if you are getting married in July or August, you will need to take the heat and humidity into consideration. During these months you probably don’t want a dress that is too clingy like a mermaid style dress because it will make you hotter and more uncomfortable and no one likes an unhappy bride.  Speaking from experience, in hot climates you ideally want a wedding gown that is floaty, lightweight, comfortable and easy to move in.  This is the perfect case where that old saying goes… less is more.

Choosing the right fabric for your dream wedding dress

Secondly, every bride needs to pay attention to the fabric of her wedding dress for her destination wedding in Kefalonia.  Bridal fashion is just as important as the actual planning of your wedding. Very long trains may make the dress look ‘heavy’ and you, as the bride, will look out of place especially if you are dreaming of getting married next to the Ionian Sea.  For warm climates, the best fabrics are lightweight lace, chiffon, silk organza or sheer.

Lightweight lace gowns are very popular because lace is feminine and very light. A lace dress can take many different looks; it can be modern, vintage, boho or any other style that warms your heart. Lace gowns are easily to pack in a suitcase, don’t crease and effortless to wear.

Silk organza is one of the best breathable fabrics while chiffon offers a splash of elegance while ensuring the heat doesn’t overwhelm the bride.  Both will move beautifully in the Kefalonian summer breeze, create a soft, dreamy and ‘airy’ look. Both fabrics will keep you cooler if the weather gets sticky, as well as looking gorgeous at an outdoors or beach celebration.  Depending on the style and personality of the bride, you can change the design up but keep the fabric lightweight. You can keep it simple or choose a dress with a bold detail such as adding fringe or changing the colour to blush.  When it comes to styles, the world really is your oyster.

Ultra-light, sheer fabrics that hardly touch the skin is another option and is great for the heat.  Sheer fabrics offer an ethereal romance to your dress and makes for a high fashion moment.

If you end up going for a light fabric for your wedding gown but want to glam up your look, you can opt for hair accessories instead of a traditional veil.  Hair combs, vines, headpieces, headbands and hair clips will add just the right touch to your overall look. Let’s also not forget the flower crowns which are my personal favourite and are a perfect addition to your summer wedding in Kefalonia.


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    Benefits of a Wedding Planner in Kefalonia

    Picture your wedding day on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.  The sand is under your feet, the breeze from the Ionian Sea is moving pieces of your hair and the warmth of the sun caressing your skin; but behind that image there are hundreds of moving parts happening behind the scenes.  Kefalonia as a destination wedding location is becoming increasingly popular with couples all over the world, especially for those couples that want to combine travel with their special day.

    The big question in hand is whether you should go for a wedding planner in Kefalonia. For someone who is not familiar with the local area or what is on offer, the answer leans towards a yes. Given the size and vast options available in Kefalonia, it can be extremely stressful, time consuming and overwhelming trying to properly organize the details of the most important day of your lives from a far away place and all by yourself.  Especially if you also have a full time job, you still need to find time to spend as a couple to organise everything as well as having to think about the logistics of planning a wedding in another country. A wedding planner is able to make your wedding vision come true. For example, how about having a wedding reception at the medieval castle of Saint George with a breathtaking view of Kefalonia and experiencing the lovely sunset, or your wedding ceremony at Antisamos beach with the sound and smell of the Ionian Sea right on your feet. Like we say, the possibilities are endless.

    A wedding planner’s primary focus is to make your wedding day successful, special and memorable.  Local wedding planners like us speak Greek and have connections with the best local vendors, we know the inside-outs of all the local rules and we know exactly how to get things done. This saves you time from researching and making vast amounts of international calls if you don’t know where to start.  We have insider knowledge since we are from Kefalonia and no amount of research will give you the appropriate information that you need to “get things rolling”.

    In addition, some vendors may take advantage of naïve couples who may be unsure of what exactly they need for their wedding day.  Couples may be persuaded into spending money on unnecessary things as a vendor may make one of their services seem like a necessity. Therefore, wedding planners help save you money as we stick to your budget and don’t get manipulated by vendors. We may also be able to negotiate prices on your behalf if you believe that they may be excessive.

    As for the big day, brides shouldn’t be responsible for running last minute errands, finding the flower girl’s dress, or organizing the setup of the food tables. This is where the wedding planner comes in.  A bride should wake up in the morning, have breakfast with her parents & bridesmaids and just take it easy. Lastly, we know all the best attractions, the best beaches, most picturesque towns, restaurants, activities and accommodation facilities in the area. You can then share this information with your guests to make their lives easier and to gain the most out of their experience in Kefalonia. A wedding planner can also organise group excursions/activities for your guests, whether this is a bus tour around the main attractions such as the Melissani Cave or Assos, or a party at one of the beach bars of Kefalonia.

    Above all, just remember this… no matter what you decide (on whether to have a wedding planner or not), we want you to enjoy the journey and cherish the lovely moments from your special day that will give you a lifetime of unforgettable memories and experiences.

    Photo by Álvaro CvG on Unsplash


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