Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

You just got engaged and we get it, you want to start the planning process and proceed with handling all the fun bits. When planning your wedding, there will be a list of specific things that will be unique to you on your big day; there will also be a second list which more or less is a list of things that you would expect to have or find in every wedding. For some friendly advice, read the below suggestions to help you get ‘it’ right for your big day. These tips will help you be aligned with proper wedding etiquette and avoid making wedding mistakes which will ultimately be your saving grace.

1. Booking a venue before you have a guest list
Deciding on how many guests you want at your wedding is easier to do before you start writing names on a guest list. You should also have a contingency number of an additional amount of people (say 10), in case you have forgotten to include some people when creating your guest list.
Deciding on your desired number of guests is the first thing that will help you book the venue of your choosing. The absolutely last thing you want to do is book a venue that will not be able to accommodate everyone. You also do not want to end up paying for lots of empty and unused space, when you suddenly realise that you have a smaller guest list.

2. Do not be inconsistent with your Plus One policy
The general rule is that couples who are married, engaged, living together or have been together for over a year must be invited together, even if you haven’t met your friend’s partner/significant other. Nowadays in the modern world, lots of couples live together before they get married; there may be some circumstances where people never get married at all; therefore, acknowledging their commitment to one another is the appropriate thing to do. You should be able to tell if your friend or family member is in a serious relationship.

3. Inviting Too Many Guests
Put together a full list of names before you begin any other part of the planning process. Get it as exact to the number of people you intend to invite. The more guests you have the higher your budget will be, which won’t be a problem if you are flexible with your budget. Ideally invite those people you want to witness your special day.

Wedding guests

4. Getting Overwhelmed by Pinterest
Having a go to place where you can have a constant stream of ideas and inspirations is helpful for getting you started, but it can also lead to confusion and indecision if you aren’t careful. Pinterest only shows the best of everything which may give brides unrealistic expectations of what they think their ‘dream’ wedding should be.  Pinterest pictures usually are taken from big budget weddings which have endless details and perfection that can ultimately be a massive let-down for you if you do not have the appropriate budget in place or are not able to achieve the end result.

5. Have a Contingency Plan for Bad Weather
This is a definite must! You must have a plan B, especially if you are planning an outdoor event which is the majority of cases when you have a destination wedding in a place like Kefalonia. Many couples are tempted to just hope it doesn’t happen, especially in warm climates like Kefalonia, where you will be safe most of the time and not have to revert to plan B. However, nothing in life is foul proof nor should you believe that you know better than Mother Nature. Speak to your wedding planner for any indoor options that might be available if it rains or invest in hiring a tent in case it does rain. Remember however that this should be done six to nine months before your wedding, as you don’t want to be looking for a tent at the last minute, only to find out there are none available.

Wedding Tent

6.  Getting overwhelmed & too stressed
Too many times couples get so wrapped up in the planning of their wedding that the focus shifts from the celebration of their marriage together to a fixation on the details of their wedding. Your wedding should be a fun experience; yes at times it may be a little stressful, but it truly is about your love for one another, not your reception menu or party favours. So, if the wedding planning is getting you too overwhelmed and putting a strain on your relationship, take a deep breath, take a step back and give yourself a break from planning.

7. Not Supplying Enough Information
If you are having a destination wedding in Kefalonia, make sure you do your research beforehand or ask your wedding planner on suggestions of things to do, information on getting around and accommodation. If you’re intending of organising a few events for your guests (either before or after your big day), then you could be considerate and hand out itineraries telling everyone where they need to be and when in advance (provided they want to participate in the events you’re organising).

8. Trying to Please Everyone
This one can be a little tricky especially if you have parents or in-laws helping with the wedding budget. Ideally you want your family and friends to have a wonderful time but ultimately, it’s your wedding. Your priority should be creating the wedding of your dreams, not trying to please everyone because you won’t be able to. Worrying too much about what others think of your decisions will take the joy out of the wedding planning process, causing you anxiety, stress and blur your image of what the real focus is all about.  If there is enough food, drinks, entertainment, and love, you know your guests are well taken care of. Anything beyond that – colours, flowers, dresses, venue – should be about what you want.

9. Trying to Do It Alone
Either hire a wedding planner (especially if you have a destination wedding) or at least delegate and use all the resources that are available to you. When people offer to help you, like your mum, future mother-in-law or best friend, make sure you find something for them to do. It can be anything from researching a vendor, helping with DIY décor or posting invitations. Bear in mind that these volunteers, even though they are family and close friends, they don’t work for you, so be appreciative and accept whatever help they are able to offer.

10. Pay for Wedding Insurance
On your wedding day, wedding insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Everyone believes something unexpected won’t happen to them but it’s better to be prepared than completely getting blind-sided.


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    Top Wedding Songs for You

    There are many factors to consider when deciding what kind of music you want to play at your wedding; after all, music adds to the personality and feeling of your wedding ceremony.  Therefore, you will need to think about what tone you want to set, the songs you want to play during special moments of the wedding, and what music your guests will enjoy. You also want to include songs that have a special meaning to you and your partner, as well as certain members of your family. That is why today’s weddings should feature a good mix of new wedding songs for younger and/or more modern guests as well as the classics for the older and/or more retro guests.

    Please have a look below to see the songs we suggest for your first dance and entrance song. After all, these two songs will set the mood for the rest of the evening.

    Entrance Song
    1. ‘I Gotta Feeling‘ – Black Eyed Peas
    2. ‘Feel so Close’ – Calvin Harris
    3. ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ – Justin Timberlake
    4. ‘We Found Love’ – Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
    5. ‘Uptown Funk’ – Bruno Mars
    6. ‘Higher Love’ – Kygo and Whitney Houston
    7. ‘Marry You’ – Bruno Mars
    8. ‘Celebration’ – Kool & The Gang
    9. ‘Love and Marriage’ – Frank Sinatra
    10. ‘Beautiful Day’ – U2
    11. ‘Crazy In Love’ – Beyonce
    12. ‘Walking on Sunshine‘ – Katrina & The Waves
    13. ‘Levels’ – Avicii
    14. ‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams
    15. ‘Just Dance’ – Lady Gaga

    Top 15 Timeless Wedding Songs (First Dance)
    1. ‘At Last – Etta James
    2. ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ – Frank Sinatra
    3. ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ – Elton John
    4. ‘Your Song’ – Elton John
    5. ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ – Queen
    6. ‘Wonderful Tonight’ – Eric Clapton
    7. ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’ – Stevie Wonder
    8. ‘L-O-V-E’ – Nat King Cole
    9. ‘This Will Be An Everlasting Love’ – Natalie Cole
    10. ‘When I Fall In Love’ – Nat King Cole
    11. ‘Ain’t That A Kick In the Head‘ – Dean Martin
    12. ‘Volare‘ – Dean Martin
    13. ‘The Time of My Life’- Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
    14. ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ – Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons
    15. ‘How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You’ – Marvin Gaye

    Top Modern Wedding Songs
    1. ‘All of Me’ – John Legend
    2. ‘Come Away With Me’ – Norah Jones
    3. ‘Because You Love Me’ – Celine Dion
    4. ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ – Savage Garden
    5. ‘Perfect’ – Ed Sheeran
    6. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ – Ed Sheeran
    7. ‘I Swear’ – All 4 One
    8. ‘XO’ – Beyonce
    9. ‘Ho Hey’- Lumineers
    10. ‘A Thousand Miles’- Vanessa Carlton
    11. ‘I Believe in You and Me’ – Whitney Houston
    12. ‘Born To Be Yours‘ – Kygo & Imagine Dragons
    13. ‘Lover’s Lullaby‘ – Sweet Tea Project


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      Small Touches To Increase Your Guests’ Comfort

      For the majority of you that choose to have your wedding at a destination location, you will appreciate what an honour, but also what a big effort it is for your guests to be present on your big day. You will have guests who are still working and need to take annual leave, those that may not have the economic flexibility and need to save up, and those that are older and not as mobile; everyone however has one thing in common; they will all make an effort as well as a sacrifice to be there on your special day. With that in mind, it would be a great gesture if you could add small touches to your wedding that your guests will appreciate and/or add comfort.

      During the Ceremony
      When you are having your wedding in a place like Kefalonia where the climate is very warm during the summer months and your wedding will be outdoors, you want to add touches that will help your guests to feel cool and comfortable.

      1. Fans
      Different types of wooden fans can be found online and can be given to your guests before the ceremony starts. You can personalise these by adding your initials on them, which your guests can take away with them and use again for another events.

      2. Sunglasses & Sunscreen
      These will be greatly appreciated if you are having a morning/noon wedding when the sun tends to be the hottest and brightest or even for an afternoon beach wedding. You want to be thoughtful and protect your guests from the sun’s rays. These can easily be placed on your guests’ seats or handed to them before the ceremony begins.

      3. Water/Lemonade
      Let’s face it, nobody wants to overheat and feel thirsty under the sun. Offering a small stand with bottles of water or lemonade will help keep your guests happy, hydrated and focused on the two of you.

      4. Hire Transportation
      If your guests are staying at different venues/hotels than where you plan to have your ceremony and reception, then hiring a mini bus (or more) for the day is a thoughtful gesture. That means your guests will not have to worry on finding the venue, being on time, can mingle with other guests along the way to the ceremony/venue and can enjoy themselves by having a drink… or two. Hick!

      During the Reception

      1. Dietary Restrictions
      When sending out your RSVPs with your wedding invitations, it’s a good opportunity to ask if anyone of your guests has any dietary restrictions such as allergy to nuts or dairy, if any are vegetarians or vegans and accommodate those needs by having a few dishes they will be able to eat from.

      2. Consider Older Guests
      For elderly guests at your wedding, consider planning the toasts, cake cutting, and first dances earlier in the evening so that they can be part of it and enjoy the moment.

      3. Seating arrangements for guests
      Make sure you have completely thought out your seating arrangements; it is vital to ensure your guests have a good time with each other. Try to group people together with similar backgrounds and interests, so they’ll have something to talk about even if they’ve never met before and/or group guests that you know will get along.

      4. Activities for Adults
      These activities are becoming ever so popular during the cocktail hour, when the couple is busy taking location photos from one of Kefalonia’s beautiful landscapes. These activities are a great form of entertainment as they lighten the mood and helps guests to socialise with each other. Some examples are oversized jenga, table games, Uno or tarot reader.

      5. Activities for kids
      Parents and other guests will definitely appreciate keeping young children entertained. Ideas include sticker activity/colouring books or Legos.

      6. Flip Flops
      After being on foot the whole day, especially if you are wearing heels and don’t want to compromise your wedding look the first thing you want to do is kick off your shoes. Therefore, you can help your guests dance the night away and stay comfortable by providing pairs of flip flops in a one size fits all.

      7. Wraps
      For those that know, Kefalonia and the majority of Greek islands are very warm during the day, but evenings tend to be cool and breezy. What better way to keep your guests warm than giving them wraps to have for those evening nights.

      8. Song Requests
      Ask your guests beforehand what a few of their favourite songs are, and have the DJ play them with a dedication from the couple.

      9. Pre/post wedding celebration events
      How about having a pre (or post) wedding event such as a nice beach party at one of Kefalonia’s fabulous beach bars. This will be a way for you to say thank you to all those who made the effort in coming to your wedding, by treating them to drinks and food, as well as have the opportunity to catch up and mingle.


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        Postponing or cancelling your wedding

        Times have certainly changed the last few months, with the majority of people around the globe having seen their lives greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Couples that were due to marry in spring have made the difficult decision to either cancel or postpone their wedding to a late summer or early fall date, with the uncertainty still lurking in the back of their heads that those dates still may not happen. Because let’s face it, we really don’t know what the future holds and how things will be in three months’ time, or even whether this pandemic will be over.

        Most couples will probably have seen the ‘postpone do not cancel’ messages and hashtags everywhere, as local businesses and suppliers are scrambling to stay afloat during this challenging time with little or no income while trying to secure postponed wedding businesses for the future.  However, no two weddings are the same nor are any two couples the same, and there are several sides to this story. The first is, you still want to get married but your guests’ health is your number one priority and that cannot be compromised, so you change the date to later on in the year so travel restrictions will be lifted and everyone will be safe to attend. You work together with your wedding planner, vendors and suppliers to reach an agreed date to have your wedding.  Along with postponing a wedding, many couples will probably feel a sense of regret and guilt because they had really wanted to go ahead with the initial date. 

        The second side is that some couples may not want to postpone their wedding to six months down the line or next year, because for some couples, planning a wedding is stressful and causes anxiety. Therefore, these couples may prefer to completely cancel their wedding altogether and will be happy to head to the registry office or have a very small gathering at their parents’ house.  This is not ideal for vendors and suppliers but we are living in challenging times. Each couple is doing their best to navigate through the countless questions or unknowns that have suddenly appeared, as well as making the best decisions possible for their loved ones and their dream wedding.  For those that plan on postponing their wedding, below is a step-to-step guide to postponing your wedding.

        Steps to cancelling or postponing your wedding

        1. Speak To Your Wedding Planner (if you have one)
        Your wedding planner should help you navigate through this difficult period; not only will they offer psychological support but they will also help you to efficiently postpone your wedding. The first thing your wedding planner will need to do is to review in detail the provisions in the contracts with the venue, suppliers and insurance company (assuming you have made a wedding insurance policy) because everything depends on what is written in you contract. Even if a couple has wedding insurance, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely covered as the majority of insurance companies don’t currently cover for a pandemic. In addition, particular attention should be given to the exclusion and Force Majeure clauses in contracts.  Do they cover cancellations or rearrangements due to government acts such as a lockdown, or due to a government ban on public or social gatherings, and/or travel restrictions? In addition, for those that are having a destination wedding, please check the governing law of the contracts that you have, which may be affected by the country you are getting married in. There is a great deal of information in your contracts that your wedding planner will have gone through meticulously in order to be able to provide a table advising you of the financial impact of postponing your wedding.

        2. Call or Email Your Suppliers
        Call or email your suppliers and explain to them that due to these exceptional circumstances, you feel it is in your best interest to postpone your wedding to a later date in the year. Paying an additional fee to postpone your wedding will really be up to the supplier’s discretion. Suppliers may decide not to charge you an additional fee, even if it is written in the contract that they can do so, because these are extraordinary events we are living in and people tend to become more compassionate. By postponing your wedding, there will be a risk that some of your preferred vendors won’t be available at a later date. Also consider getting married in off-peak months or mid-week to provide you with more options.

        3. Choose a new proposed date
        Inform all your suppliers and guests.Suppliers may charge a fee if the wedding date moves to the new tax year because you are essentially taking availability away from new couples that will offer future business income to the supplier.  Therefore, the supplier may not charge you if you plan to change your wedding date for a different day this year but may do so if it moves to the next taxable year. In addition, make sure you call your guests as this is the fastest method to notify them of the postponement of your wedding as well as offering the perfect opportunity to check in on them to see how they are doing. Given that it is an extremely stressful period for everyone, many guests may not see any announcements on your wedding website (assuming you have created one) which is the reason why it’s advisable to call them. Especially for destination weddings, the guest list is not large so it can be done fairly quickly. If you do have a wedding planner, she can do a follow-up in writing by WhatsApp or email. Lastly, notifying your guests well in advance gives them the opportunity to manage their financial costs, change their annual leave, rebook flight tickets and accommodation.  Also create a list of FAQs if you think your guests will have similar questions around travel, refunds, your new date, and email them your list.

        4. Take out wedding insurance as soon as you’ve set a date
        If you have wedding insurance, then no one will lose money and it will give you a peace of mind.Purchase wedding insurance policy once you are in the process of making bookings and/or paying any deposits to book your venue. Most insurance companies who offer wedding insurance, let you take out a policy up to two years before your wedding, so it is worth getting it sooner rather than later. Make sure you know how much your wedding is likely to cost so you get the right level of protection. Also, given the latest turn of events with Covid-19, make sure that that all types of events that may cause your wedding to have to be cancelled/postponed (e.g. pandemic, lockdown) are covered within your policy to ensure you don’t have to worry about it in future.

        Thank You for visiting our blog and please share this post with other couples that are facing the dilemma of having to postpone their weddings.


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          Tips to Planning a Destination Wedding on a Budget

          So you are currently on cloud 9 after your best friend and love of your life proposes in the most special way. You dig out your scrapbook with all the photos you have collected since you were a teenager with all your favourite bridal gowns to get ideas on what you want your wedding dress to look like. You then start to plan your dream wedding in your head and everything you envisioned it to be. It then dawns on you: why not make your wedding even more special and memorable and have a destination wedding at a memorable location? The big question however is how do you even budget for a destination wedding. And how do you help your guests to budget for your destination wedding? Continue reading below on tips and things to look out for when budgeting for a destination wedding.

          1. Smaller Guest List
          Start off by thinking who are the people you treasure the most and you want to invite for your special day. Your guest list will most likely will be much smaller for your destination wedding as you don’t want to be working around complicated schedules of 100 guests while some may not attend due to travel costs. By having a guest list of 30-40 people, you can offer them more of a luxury wedding and still remain within your budget. A smaller guest list definitely decreases the cost and makes your wedding a lovely intimate event.

          2. Be Considerate towards your Loved Ones
          Send your Save the Dates early to your guests. This will be appreciated as guests can plan ahead, save money for the future, start looking at airfare, look for alternative and cheap accommodation options and take time off from work without breaking the bank.

          3. Local Wedding Planner
          Definitely hire a wedding planner that is local in the location you plan to have your destination wedding. Even though you will pay a fee for your wedding planner, you will save on time and the countless hours you will be on phone calls trying to overcome a language barrier. Let’s not forget all the decisions about flowers, food, venue and ceremony location from which you are miles away. Having a wedding planner will take care of this including the negotiating, logistics and the running around of a wedding.

          4. Local Cuisine
          Speaking of food, definitely have local cuisine on your menu as Greek food is not only delicious, but also the experience of eating the local cuisine will make your wedding stand out as well as decrease your food and beverage bill. Incorporate local wines and beers to add to your destination vibe instead of paying a premium on imported drinks.

          5. Take Advantage of the Scenic Locations
          Most destination weddings are an outdoor celebration because what would be the point to have a wedding abroad if you end up having it indoors. For example, for a wedding in Kefalonia, a couple can take advantage of scenic background of the bright blue Ionian waters and the bright light of the Greek sun. For those that don’t have a large budget, there is no need to splurge on extra ceremony details as guests will be in awe of the natural and breath-taking beauty of the Kefalonian landscape. In addition, you can use local and seasonal plants /flowers to decorate your venue and bring down the floral costs with olive branches or bougainvillea are stunning flower decorations.

          6. Currency Conversion Rates
          You will also need to consider the currency conversion rate in your destination country and how the fluctuation of the exchange rate may affect your payments. It might be worth noting that making more payments to suppliers in the winter months might be a better choice as the euro is weaker, while in the summer months the euro strengthens because it’s more in demand due to tourism.

          7. Two For the Price of One
          Have your wedding and honeymoon at the same destination location. It saves you from paying extra airfare to get to your honeymoon destination as well as offering you the opportunity to properly unwind.

          8. On the day travel expenses
          Don’t forget to include in your budget all expenses from the moment you leave your home to get to the airport and your return journey. Therefore, travel expenses such as airfare, taxi, airport parking, hotel, overnight hotel stays close to the airport/s, car rentals, should also be included in your budget to give you a more accurate picture of how much is going into your destination wedding.

          9. Day of the week matters
          By choosing a weekday for your destination wedding, airfare will most likely be cheaper as well as your hotel rooms, with more availability and options than on a weekend. Some venues offer substantial discounts for weddings that take place during the week instead of the weekend. Venue prices will vary based on high and low seasons. You may want to consider having your wedding in the shoulder season or on an off-season date given that the weather will most likely still be pleasant but with fewer crowds and favourable prices.

          10. Know your Budget
          Know the maximum amount you are willing to spend & stick to it.


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            Bridal Fashion for a 2020 Summer Wedding in Kefalonia

            Like buying a wedding dress doesn’t seem daunting enough, finding that perfect dress that makes you feel the most beautiful you ever felt while at the same time make you shed a few tears when you first wear it can be difficult to find. Now add to the mix having a destination wedding in Kefalonia where you need to take into consideration the hot summers as well as the logistics of packing and carrying your wedding dress. As if you don’t already have enough on your plate!

            Bridal fashion and your choice of a wedding gown should really depend on the place where your wedding reception will take place and the month.  Below are a few ideas to help your search for the most ideal wedding gown for your destination wedding:

            In what month will you ideally be getting married?

            Firstly, what month you will be saying your “I Do’s” is vital. If you are getting married in Kefalonia in May, June or September, the days will be hot but most likely not uncomfortable, while the evenings will be cooler. However, if you are getting married in July or August, you will need to take the heat and humidity into consideration. During these months you probably don’t want a dress that is too clingy like a mermaid style dress because it will make you hotter and more uncomfortable and no one likes an unhappy bride.  Speaking from experience, in hot climates you ideally want a wedding gown that is floaty, lightweight, comfortable and easy to move in.  This is the perfect case where that old saying goes… less is more.

            Choosing the right fabric for your dream wedding dress

            Secondly, every bride needs to pay attention to the fabric of her wedding dress for her destination wedding in Kefalonia.  Bridal fashion is just as important as the actual planning of your wedding. Very long trains may make the dress look ‘heavy’ and you, as the bride, will look out of place especially if you are dreaming of getting married next to the Ionian Sea.  For warm climates, the best fabrics are lightweight lace, chiffon, silk organza or sheer.

            Lightweight lace gowns are very popular because lace is feminine and very light. A lace dress can take many different looks; it can be modern, vintage, boho or any other style that warms your heart. Lace gowns are easily to pack in a suitcase, don’t crease and effortless to wear.

            Silk organza is one of the best breathable fabrics while chiffon offers a splash of elegance while ensuring the heat doesn’t overwhelm the bride.  Both will move beautifully in the Kefalonian summer breeze, create a soft, dreamy and ‘airy’ look. Both fabrics will keep you cooler if the weather gets sticky, as well as looking gorgeous at an outdoors or beach celebration.  Depending on the style and personality of the bride, you can change the design up but keep the fabric lightweight. You can keep it simple or choose a dress with a bold detail such as adding fringe or changing the colour to blush.  When it comes to styles, the world really is your oyster.

            Ultra-light, sheer fabrics that hardly touch the skin is another option and is great for the heat.  Sheer fabrics offer an ethereal romance to your dress and makes for a high fashion moment.

            If you end up going for a light fabric for your wedding gown but want to glam up your look, you can opt for hair accessories instead of a traditional veil.  Hair combs, vines, headpieces, headbands and hair clips will add just the right touch to your overall look. Let’s also not forget the flower crowns which are my personal favourite and are a perfect addition to your summer wedding in Kefalonia.


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              Benefits of a Wedding Planner in Kefalonia

              Picture your wedding day on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.  The sand is under your feet, the breeze from the Ionian Sea is moving pieces of your hair and the warmth of the sun caressing your skin; but behind that image there are hundreds of moving parts happening behind the scenes.  Kefalonia as a destination wedding location is becoming increasingly popular with couples all over the world, especially for those couples that want to combine travel with their special day.

              The big question in hand is whether you should go for a wedding planner in Kefalonia. For someone who is not familiar with the local area or what is on offer, the answer leans towards a yes. Given the size and vast options available in Kefalonia, it can be extremely stressful, time consuming and overwhelming trying to properly organize the details of the most important day of your lives from a far away place and all by yourself.  Especially if you also have a full time job, you still need to find time to spend as a couple to organise everything as well as having to think about the logistics of planning a wedding in another country. A wedding planner is able to make your wedding vision come true. For example, how about having a wedding reception at the medieval castle of Saint George with a breathtaking view of Kefalonia and experiencing the lovely sunset, or your wedding ceremony at Antisamos beach with the sound and smell of the Ionian Sea right on your feet. Like we say, the possibilities are endless.

              A wedding planner’s primary focus is to make your wedding day successful, special and memorable.  Local wedding planners like us speak Greek and have connections with the best local vendors, we know the inside-outs of all the local rules and we know exactly how to get things done. This saves you time from researching and making vast amounts of international calls if you don’t know where to start.  We have insider knowledge since we are from Kefalonia and no amount of research will give you the appropriate information that you need to “get things rolling”.

              In addition, some vendors may take advantage of naïve couples who may be unsure of what exactly they need for their wedding day.  Couples may be persuaded into spending money on unnecessary things as a vendor may make one of their services seem like a necessity. Therefore, wedding planners help save you money as we stick to your budget and don’t get manipulated by vendors. We may also be able to negotiate prices on your behalf if you believe that they may be excessive.

              As for the big day, brides shouldn’t be responsible for running last minute errands, finding the flower girl’s dress, or organizing the setup of the food tables. This is where the wedding planner comes in.  A bride should wake up in the morning, have breakfast with her parents & bridesmaids and just take it easy. Lastly, we know all the best attractions, the best beaches, most picturesque towns, restaurants, activities and accommodation facilities in the area. You can then share this information with your guests to make their lives easier and to gain the most out of their experience in Kefalonia. A wedding planner can also organise group excursions/activities for your guests, whether this is a bus tour around the main attractions such as the Melissani Cave or Assos, or a party at one of the beach bars of Kefalonia.

              Above all, just remember this… no matter what you decide (on whether to have a wedding planner or not), we want you to enjoy the journey and cherish the lovely moments from your special day that will give you a lifetime of unforgettable memories and experiences.

              Photo by Álvaro CvG on Unsplash


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                Sustainable Weddings – The New Way Forward

                Couples are becoming more conscious about the huge amount of waste that weddings generate and are looking for ways to cut down on their carbon footprints. Alternatives for a more environmentally and ethical wedding are becoming more and more common, as a greater concern for our planet is becoming more evident. Sustainable weddings are also known as eco-friendly weddings; they are a major trend for 2020 and will be for the next decade.

                Ideas to Help Achieve a Sustainable Wedding

                A great starting point when planning a wedding are the wedding invitations, which can be made out of recycled paper. In addition, ask guests to RSVP on your wedding website instead of including an additional card to accompany your wedding invites helps cut down on paper and costs. Also, making charitable donations are becoming an extremely popular avenue for newlywed couples instead of giving the more traditional wedding favour to wedding guests.

                Another way to to help the environment is to avoid using styrofoam flower holders, as florists are becoming more educated on how to create wedding centerpieces without the use of this. An alternative option is opting for plants in pots, instead of using cut flowers that have a limited life span, and guests can take these pots home with them.  Repositioning florals from the ceremony to the reception venue is another way to be eco-friendly, as well as having fresh flowers for confetti.

                Definitely opting for glassware instead of plastic is crucial for a sustainable wedding. Caterers and bartenders can provide reusable drink stirrers and straws instead of one time use plastic, while couples should also confirm that their catering company is sourcing ethical, local and organic produce.

                Also, let’s not forget about the bling in a wedding. When choosing wedding jewellery, couples should choose conflict-free diamonds and recycled metals in creating the jewellery, as wedding jewellery has had a long and negative impact on our planet.

                Being kind to our planet shouldn’t be a trend; it should be a way of life just like exercising and meditation is for many.  Looking for different ways to have a sustainable wedding will not only be beneficial for our environment, but will also help you to lower costs and keep within your budget.


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                  Magical and Unforgettable Kefalonia

                  Are you dreaming of exotic escapes, or are you a nature lover, an adventure-seeker, a beach bunny perhaps…? Or are you just looking to find tranquility under the Greek sun? If any of your answers above is Yes! then please read on, as the majestic island of Kefalonia will definitely offer you and your guests all this and then some!

                  This stunning destination is many times unforgivingly overlooked by couples when researching for places to have their wedding. Most couples focus their attention and energy on more well-known and touristy Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini and Paros. May I add here that Kefalonia is in itself a big island (6th biggest in all of Greece) with a small population; this in itself means that there are a plethora of locations/spots across Kefalonia that allow for privacy and intimacy. But do not be fooled; Kefalonia is an island of many contrasts, variety and unlimited options all depending on your personal style, preference and budget.  

                  Do you want to offer your guests a magical experience and have your wedding stand out from all the rest? How intimate and special would a boat wedding be, cruising along Kefalonia’s stunning coastline with your closest family and friends? Perfect for simple yet fun, this is a wedding evening where you can ask your guests to dress casually (these are bonus points) and at the end of the evening (or even the ceremony!) have them jump off the boat and into the blue waters of the Ionian Sea. If you think your guests wouldn’t appreciate getting wet, then how about taking them on a boat ride to have your wedding on a secluded beach that offers uniqueness and an exclusive aura to a modern wedding.

                  If the beach isn’t for you, then how about having your wedding at one of Kefalonia’s romantic wineries with olive groves, vineyards with pebbled stone walkways. You can be surrounded by your loved ones while they enjoy the amazing local wines and dance the night away underneath the stars. Luxurious weddings with small number of guests are very much the trend for 2020, as couples can offer more to their guests. Kefalonia has an abundance of beautiful villas scattered across the island with idyllic surroundings and amazing views of the Ionian Sea and other remarkable scenery.

                  You will definitely be spoiled for choice when choosing your wedding photos for your wedding album, as the combination of amazing locations and surroundings along with beautiful sunsets will make it an unforgettable experience. As already mentioned, Kefalonia offers a plethora of options for your wedding if you look into it in a bit more detail, while it is certainly much more value for money when you compare it to other more “touristy’ islands. Above all however, do enjoy the moment of choosing your utopian wedding destination and we are here to help. Have fun !


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