Small Touches To Increase Your Guests’ Comfort

For the majority of you that choose to have your wedding at a destination location, you will appreciate what an honour, but also what a big effort it is for your guests to be present on your big day. You will have guests who are still working and need to take annual leave, those that may not have the economic flexibility and need to save up, and those that are older and not as mobile; everyone however has one thing in common; they will all make an effort as well as a sacrifice to be there on your special day. With that in mind, it would be a great gesture if you could add small touches to your wedding that your guests will appreciate and/or add comfort.

During the Ceremony
When you are having your wedding in a place like Kefalonia where the climate is very warm during the summer months and your wedding will be outdoors, you want to add touches that will help your guests to feel cool and comfortable.

1. Fans
Different types of wooden fans can be found online and can be given to your guests before the ceremony starts. You can personalise these by adding your initials on them, which your guests can take away with them and use again for another events.

2. Sunglasses & Sunscreen
These will be greatly appreciated if you are having a morning/noon wedding when the sun tends to be the hottest and brightest or even for an afternoon beach wedding. You want to be thoughtful and protect your guests from the sun’s rays. These can easily be placed on your guests’ seats or handed to them before the ceremony begins.

3. Water/Lemonade
Let’s face it, nobody wants to overheat and feel thirsty under the sun. Offering a small stand with bottles of water or lemonade will help keep your guests happy, hydrated and focused on the two of you.

4. Hire Transportation
If your guests are staying at different venues/hotels than where you plan to have your ceremony and reception, then hiring a mini bus (or more) for the day is a thoughtful gesture. That means your guests will not have to worry on finding the venue, being on time, can mingle with other guests along the way to the ceremony/venue and can enjoy themselves by having a drink… or two. Hick!

During the Reception

1. Dietary Restrictions
When sending out your RSVPs with your wedding invitations, it’s a good opportunity to ask if anyone of your guests has any dietary restrictions such as allergy to nuts or dairy, if any are vegetarians or vegans and accommodate those needs by having a few dishes they will be able to eat from.

2. Consider Older Guests
For elderly guests at your wedding, consider planning the toasts, cake cutting, and first dances earlier in the evening so that they can be part of it and enjoy the moment.

3. Seating arrangements for guests
Make sure you have completely thought out your seating arrangements; it is vital to ensure your guests have a good time with each other. Try to group people together with similar backgrounds and interests, so they’ll have something to talk about even if they’ve never met before and/or group guests that you know will get along.

4. Activities for Adults
These activities are becoming ever so popular during the cocktail hour, when the couple is busy taking location photos from one of Kefalonia’s beautiful landscapes. These activities are a great form of entertainment as they lighten the mood and helps guests to socialise with each other. Some examples are oversized jenga, table games, Uno or tarot reader.

5. Activities for kids
Parents and other guests will definitely appreciate keeping young children entertained. Ideas include sticker activity/colouring books or Legos.

6. Flip Flops
After being on foot the whole day, especially if you are wearing heels and don’t want to compromise your wedding look the first thing you want to do is kick off your shoes. Therefore, you can help your guests dance the night away and stay comfortable by providing pairs of flip flops in a one size fits all.

7. Wraps
For those that know, Kefalonia and the majority of Greek islands are very warm during the day, but evenings tend to be cool and breezy. What better way to keep your guests warm than giving them wraps to have for those evening nights.

8. Song Requests
Ask your guests beforehand what a few of their favourite songs are, and have the DJ play them with a dedication from the couple.

9. Pre/post wedding celebration events
How about having a pre (or post) wedding event such as a nice beach party at one of Kefalonia’s fabulous beach bars. This will be a way for you to say thank you to all those who made the effort in coming to your wedding, by treating them to drinks and food, as well as have the opportunity to catch up and mingle.

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