Magical and Unforgettable Kefalonia

Are you dreaming of exotic escapes, or are you a nature lover, an adventure-seeker, a beach bunny perhaps…? Or are you just looking to find tranquility under the Greek sun? If any of your answers above is Yes! then please read on, as the majestic island of Kefalonia will definitely offer you and your guests all this and then some!

This stunning destination is many times unforgivingly overlooked by couples when researching for places to have their wedding. Most couples focus their attention and energy on more well-known and touristy Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini and Paros. May I add here that Kefalonia is in itself a big island (6th biggest in all of Greece) with a small population; this in itself means that there are a plethora of locations/spots across Kefalonia that allow for privacy and intimacy. But do not be fooled; Kefalonia is an island of many contrasts, variety and unlimited options all depending on your personal style, preference and budget.  

Do you want to offer your guests a magical experience and have your wedding stand out from all the rest? How intimate and special would a boat wedding be, cruising along Kefalonia’s stunning coastline with your closest family and friends? Perfect for simple yet fun, this is a wedding evening where you can ask your guests to dress casually (these are bonus points) and at the end of the evening (or even the ceremony!) have them jump off the boat and into the blue waters of the Ionian Sea. If you think your guests wouldn’t appreciate getting wet, then how about taking them on a boat ride to have your wedding on a secluded beach that offers uniqueness and an exclusive aura to a modern wedding.

If the beach isn’t for you, then how about having your wedding at one of Kefalonia’s romantic wineries with olive groves, vineyards with pebbled stone walkways. You can be surrounded by your loved ones while they enjoy the amazing local wines and dance the night away underneath the stars. Luxurious weddings with small number of guests are very much the trend for 2020, as couples can offer more to their guests. Kefalonia has an abundance of beautiful villas scattered across the island with idyllic surroundings and amazing views of the Ionian Sea and other remarkable scenery.

You will definitely be spoiled for choice when choosing your wedding photos for your wedding album, as the combination of amazing locations and surroundings along with beautiful sunsets will make it an unforgettable experience. As already mentioned, Kefalonia offers a plethora of options for your wedding if you look into it in a bit more detail, while it is certainly much more value for money when you compare it to other more “touristy’ islands. Above all however, do enjoy the moment of choosing your utopian wedding destination and we are here to help. Have fun !

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