Execution of Project

To begin the process, a questionnaire is sent out to you, allowing us to get a good understanding of your beautiful love story and to identify what details and elements are truly important to you on your big day. Based on this, a no-strings-attached video/phone chat is set up so we can have our ‘first date’ and get to know each other. An initial planning session helps to answer your questions, including vendor recommendations, event styling etc. Based on your requirements we will then provide a budget forecast. Once you have decided we are a Match Made in Heaven, we will send you a contract agreement to sign so we can reserve the date for your wedding and start proceedings.

We will produce a detailed event schedule for important milestones and due dates so you are fully aware of the process and progress being made, as well as have something to look forward to. From that point onwards, we will be the first point of contact for all your suppliers and anything else that needs attending to. We will attend meetings on your behalf and respond to all emails and correspondence concerning your event or wedding. Furthermore, we will be responsible for all of the paperwork, logistics, finalising contracts, and all the necessary due diligence that can add stress and eat up time during the planning stages.

We take a limited number of weddings each year in order to provide each couple with the best service level and attention to their very special event.

Additional Services

The idea of organizing a wedding celebration can be really hard and stressful. We arrange each and every detail with lots of care in order to match your needs and unique style perfectly. Additionally we can help you with:

  • Photography/Videography
  • Catering and Drinks
  • Music, lighting and entertainment
  • Furniture rentals
  • Pre/Post Wedding Events, including boat cruises and group activities
  • Preparation of Legal documentation

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