Sustainable Weddings – The New Way Forward

Couples are becoming more conscious about the huge amount of waste that weddings generate and are looking for ways to cut down on their carbon footprints. Alternatives for a more environmentally and ethical wedding are becoming more and more common, as a greater concern for our planet is becoming more evident. Sustainable weddings are also known as eco-friendly weddings; they are a major trend for 2020 and will be for the next decade.

Ideas to Help Achieve a Sustainable Wedding

A great starting point when planning a wedding are the wedding invitations, which can be made out of recycled paper. In addition, ask guests to RSVP on your wedding website instead of including an additional card to accompany your wedding invites helps cut down on paper and costs. Also, making charitable donations are becoming an extremely popular avenue for newlywed couples instead of giving the more traditional wedding favour to wedding guests.

Another way to to help the environment is to avoid using styrofoam flower holders, as florists are becoming more educated on how to create wedding centerpieces without the use of this. An alternative option is opting for plants in pots, instead of using cut flowers that have a limited life span, and guests can take these pots home with them.  Repositioning florals from the ceremony to the reception venue is another way to be eco-friendly, as well as having fresh flowers for confetti.

Definitely opting for glassware instead of plastic is crucial for a sustainable wedding. Caterers and bartenders can provide reusable drink stirrers and straws instead of one time use plastic, while couples should also confirm that their catering company is sourcing ethical, local and organic produce.

Also, let’s not forget about the bling in a wedding. When choosing wedding jewellery, couples should choose conflict-free diamonds and recycled metals in creating the jewellery, as wedding jewellery has had a long and negative impact on our planet.

Being kind to our planet shouldn’t be a trend; it should be a way of life just like exercising and meditation is for many.  Looking for different ways to have a sustainable wedding will not only be beneficial for our environment, but will also help you to lower costs and keep within your budget.

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